There are many choices about the dormitory in UIUC. For example, we lived in Sherman Hall, which is for upper-division undergraduates and graduate students. The room may be small but complete in every detail, such as microwave, fridge, and lots of storage spaces. It is also a prime location close to the Quad.

Quad Day

The purpose of Quad Day is to expose students to the diverse opportunities available for becoming involved in the campus community, especially student organizations.

UIUC Taiwanese Student Association

UIUC TSA is held by Taiwanese students. In every semester, they will hold different events such as Chinese new year celebration, night market, BBQ for moon festival. In addition, they will hold sports game and corn maze activity regularly.

Apple picking

In the October, American families will drive to nearby farm to pick up apples and pumpkins.  Visitor can buy a plastic bag for picking up apples. Besides, there are some homemade goods in the shop such as jam, bread, soap, and the must-eat kettle corn. There are some wooden recreational facilities for kids.

Urbana Sweetcorn Festival

Since 1975, there is a famous festival called Urbana Sweetcorn Festival in Urbana at the end of summer. During the festival, people can enjoy sweetcorn, local food and musical performance.

International Illini

The International Illini is a student run organization that works with the Study Abroad Office to provide opportunities for returned study abroad and international students to meet and socialize together.

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