• Long time ago.......

    Welcome to CYC’ S LAB

  • 2008年

    CYC’ S LAB attended ISSRM in Vermont

  • 2009年

    CYC’ S LAB attended ISSRM in Vienna


  • 2010年

    CYC’ S LAB did multinational experiment in Illinois(UIUC)

  • 2011年

    Happy Birthday to JOY

  • 2013年

    CYC’ S LAB attended CELA in Texas

  • 2013年

    UIUC students exchange program START

  • 2015年

    CYC’ S LAB attended EDRA46 in LosAngeles

  • 2017年

    CYC’ S LAB attended CELA in Beijing


Our belief is thatchildren who grow up in nature will have a healthy body and environmental awareness; young people will learn the common knowledge’s and balance their emotion in nature; adults can get reflection and recovery in nature; nature can play an important role for elder’s health and their memories.’’

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